Specialist Programs

 At St. Patrick's the students participate in the following specialist subjects on a weekly basis.  All specialist classes are taught by talented and highly skilled members of staff.  

Visual Arts:

  • provide students with the opportunities to explore a variety of creative processes including drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and working with textiles. 
  • manipulate a large range of media and materials, to create two and three-dimensional art works; including a variety of paints, inks, pencils, crayons, pastels, fabrics, assorted papers, clay, plaster
  • develop an appreciation of art and think deeply about its role in society.

Performing Arts:

  • movement and rhythm through song and dance
  • an impressively resourced instrumental program
  • inspirational and fun-filled drama classes
  • amazing whole school musical in September
  • an engaging and talented choir
  • sequenced learning for private guitar tuition

Physical Education:

  • develop a broad range of motor skills and apply these in a range of games and activities
  • improve and maintain a reasonable level of fitness by participating in regluar physical activity for the improvement of skills and health
  • learn game skills and rules while encouraging a positive attitude towards sport
  • participate in the school swimming, cross country, athletics and gymnastic programs

Italian (LOTE):

  • the children are introduced to the Italian language through stories, songs, craft and games
  • develop an awareness of the people and culture of Italy

Beau and Charlie - Art      Skye - Piano

Drums - Yasmin

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