St. Patrick’s is a Catholic primary school in the Parish of Sale, for the children of Stratford and surrounding areas. Our school is a place where Christ’s vision is evident through word and actions.

The staff of St. Patrick’s is committed to the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church in the twenty first century and continues in the spirit of the Sisters of Sion. It is a place where all people are valued and recognized for their uniqueness.

The school endeavors to cater for the faith, learning and growth of every child by offering a quality Catholic education. We strive to nurture respectful, supportive and collaborative relationships that will enhance the community atmosphere  and ensure a safe school environment.

At St Patrick's we believe that the social, emotional, moral, spiritual and physical well being of our students is pivotal to student health, safety, learning and success.

At St Patrick's we acknowledge and understand that child safety is the responsibility of every person and is an integral aspect of student wellbeing. 


2 Merrick Street, Stratford / 3862 Victoria Tel: 03 5145 6463 Fax: 03 5145 6823 Send us an e-mail