The staff at St. Patrick's are committed to the wellbeing, growth and learning of all students.  We are blessed to have a highly skilled and passionate staff who work to achieve excellent outcomes for the students.

Parish Administrator: Dean Peter Bickley

Principal: Mr Nicholas Hall

Deputy Principal: Ms Rose Lee

Teaching Staff

Foundation:  Miss Catherine Boyd

Grade 1/2JA: Mrs Amy Armstrong & Mrs Joanne Kennedy

Grade 1/2: Miss Sarah Boag

Grade 3/4: Mrs Anika Duncan & Mrs Carmel Kuizenga

Grade 4/5: Miss Allison Bigham

Grade 5/6: Ms Rose Lee & Ms Jenni Collings

Visual Arts:  Mrs. Liz Magnuson

LOTE (Italian) & DRAMA: Mrs Leiah Cook

Physical Education: Ms Jenni Collings

Teacher Professional Practice Release: Kylie McLay

Support Staff

Admin Officer:  Mrs Sharon Cunningham

Library/Admin/Integration Aide:  Ms Sharon Carroll

Intergration Aides: Kylie Pendergast, Sara Harris, Breeanna Ingram, Michelle Sellings, Amy Crockett & Ninette Leggett




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